a beautiful grace


He stood at the end of my bed and said, ‘I ask my patients if they would like for me to say a prayer before surgery, so would you want me to pray?’ And I answered yes, most definitely.  I knew he was going to ask.  The nurse had told me earlier that morning what a good Christian man my surgeon was and what a great doctor I had. He prayed a… Read More

I was humbled to speak and be among the most beautiful, most inspirational women last weekend at the Faith, Hope, Butterflies: Seeing God’s Beauty in Change Christian Women’s Conference in North Wilkesboro.  I am still in awe of the stories and the beautiful worship music shared and the blessings God rained down on us. I spoke about journaling, giving thanks, and worship. Glory to God alone. It had been less than 48… Read More

I have this scar—it’s about five inches long.  The place where my skin was broken and the cancer was taken out of me. She wore a pink shirt and when she got ready to leave the cancer clinic she forgot which side of the building she had parked her car. And another lady–she walked in.  Her face glowed and her head, it was covered in a yellow and blue scarf with the… Read More

You don’t know this and you may not even know me. And I may not know your name. But I want to thank you. You see because of you I was stronger. Braver. Less afraid. Because of you.   The morning darkness was still lit by the stars of Abraham’s promise. And before walking out the door I clasp the lock on my brave necklace—the butterfly necklace a friend gave me. I… Read More

There was dead silence in the room as she spoke about getting down on her hands and knees cleaning up the child’s blood off the cold concrete leading into the home. The bloody trail of death.  She didn’t know how to console this Mama whose child had died the day before in a tragic accident right there in the family’s driveway. This angel, she stood before an audience filled with Christ sisters… Read More