a beautiful grace


Wonder if Mary wept when all she had to wrap her new baby in were rags or if Joseph apologized to Mary–to God…I’m sorry, there are no rooms.  This is the best we have for right now. This humble beginning, it was all God’s plan.  This gentle arrival–it was never meant to be in a palace.  And honestly maybe Mary did cry some tears and Joseph said I’m sorry a few times. … Read More

Driving up the mountain to Boone I was surprised by a flock of small birds that flew out from some nearby trees along the roadside. The sky was covered by these tiny black specs, thousands of them flying off to some unknown destination. As I watched in wonder at God’s beauty my mind wondered to the Christmas story and the presence of angels. It’s dusk and another day’s work is done. The… Read More

The news of snow coming. Snow is on the horizon. And we are rushing to the grocery store, preparing. And to many of us the snow brings out the child inside of us running to the window, watching for that first snowflake. And then it comes and the world becomes quieter and the noise stops, at least for a little while. As we witness royal births in our world today the news… Read More

The dictionary states that your name is a word used for identification, called, or known. A newborn responds to the sound of his or her Mama and Daddy’s voice first and then as a toddler they learn their own name.  And in the Lackey household we quickly learned if our parents called us by our full name more than likely we were in trouble for some kind of mischief–which happened fairly often…. Read More

Not the number of shopping days that remain or the number of days until Santa comes. It’s His coming.  It’s preparing  our hearts for the coming of the greatest gift we will ever receive.  Preparing our hearts for Jesus. Isaiah 9:6–For unto us a child is born, unto us a Son is given: and the government shall be upon His shoulder: and His name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God,… Read More

I haven’t picked up that particular journal in a while.  The journal where I started writing my gifts–my blessings.  Not that I haven’t been thankful or received many undeserved blessings. Why is it we sometimes fail to give thanks–thanks to Him where all our blessings flow? And perhaps we do.  For the big things. But what about for the everyday. Maybe it’s the busyness of this drowning in life that we often… Read More

I read somewhere that small birds have what they call perching toes.  Three in the front and one hind toe to tightly wrap around a tree limb or object. And I watched her for the longest time—this morning.  Her tiny toes and spindle legs. She wasn’t clinging to the blossomed limb, instead she was searching—digging in the dirt, searching for dropped seeds.  And I thought to myself, why? Why is she working… Read More