a beautiful grace


The calendar on my desk reads January 1 and it glares hard. There’s a new sign on a fresh coat of paint, “In everything give thanks” and the smoke is rising from the old brown trash barrel. The words like the smoke irritated my eyes, caused me to lose my breath at times.  And as I read page after page I found a pattern in a time past, not so many years… Read More

The flashing sign says Please Give Thanks. The song on the radio plays loud, Only Jesus and the leaves dance their farewell spin–freefalling slowly with the wind. And he stood so humbly in the pulpit on the eve of gratitude and said, ‘We can all use a little thanksgiving in every day.’ He wraps the nails with the smallest of wires as tight as crippled hands will allow into the form of… Read More

I was humbled to speak and be among the most beautiful, most inspirational women last weekend at the Faith, Hope, Butterflies: Seeing God’s Beauty in Change Christian Women’s Conference in North Wilkesboro.  I am still in awe of the stories and the beautiful worship music shared and the blessings God rained down on us. I spoke about journaling, giving thanks, and worship. Glory to God alone. It had been less than 48… Read More

I have this scar—it’s about five inches long.  The place where my skin was broken and the cancer was taken out of me. She wore a pink shirt and when she got ready to leave the cancer clinic she forgot which side of the building she had parked her car. And another lady–she walked in.  Her face glowed and her head, it was covered in a yellow and blue scarf with the… Read More

Another week has ended and July is getting ready to come to a close.  God’s word tells us in the book of James, “Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morror. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.”  (James 4:14, KJV) How true is this. How many times have we said or heard people say… Time slow… Read More

I haven’t picked up that particular journal in a while.  The journal where I started writing my gifts–my blessings.  Not that I haven’t been thankful or received many undeserved blessings. Why is it we sometimes fail to give thanks–thanks to Him where all our blessings flow? And perhaps we do.  For the big things. But what about for the everyday. Maybe it’s the busyness of this drowning in life that we often… Read More