When my Great-Aunt Lena’s son gifted me the basket and cloth my great-aunt used to carry the bread and wine to our small church every Sunday, the treasure was a gift within itself.  But along with the gift came a flood of childhood memories.

I grew up in a small church where communion was a part of the service every Sunday and one plate of broken bread was passed from pew to pew, along with one cup and every member drank from the same cup. As a child I watched carefully as my parents and grandparents and other adults partook of the ceremony.

Several years later as a young adult I began attending services at a Baptist church and the differences in observing the Lord’s Supper was confusing at first.  And although I had visited my Granny Rhodes’ Baptist church on many occasions as a child, I was still uncertain of why churches observed communion in different ways.  Some with wine-some with grape juice–some with multiple little cups–others with one cup.  And the bread–small pieces of bread–others with a large cake of bread–later broken and shared from the same plate.

As I began researching and writing the story of My Great-Aunt Lena and the Communion Basket I went to social media and ask my friends this question, What did communion mean to you as a child?  And their responses burst with memories–visual vivid images, worship, family, communion.

My Great-Aunt Lena and the Communion Basket, Remembering Jesus not only tells a story through a child’s eyes of the understanding of the Lord’s Supper, but also through the heart of a humble woman who served the Lord for over forty years by rising early every Sabbath morning to bake the unleavened bread and prepare the communion basket.

To a child communion is sometimes hard to understand but through the story of Lena and her beloved niece Ruby, the meaning of the Lord’s Supper is explained that hopefully a young child can understand.  It’s all about Remembering Jesus.

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Written by Tathel Miller

Illustrated by Hollie-Ann Royall

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All photos and work subject to copyright. tathel miller and a beautiful grace co. 2018