About Me


Yes, there is beauty in all that is grace.

My greatest joy is serving the Lord and spending time with my beautiful family.  I am Mama to Jill and Daniel and Granna to three adorable grandchildren. Along with my writing and photography, I love spending time outdoors, gardening, and visiting farmers’ markets, farms, and old country stores.  I spend many hours reading and enjoy browsing used book stores and sales for children’s books and old books where past readers have shared their thoughts and notes in the margins and on empty pages.

I was chosen as one of the members of the launch team for Katie Davis Majors’ new book Daring to Hope in 2017. As a writer being chosen to represent Katie and being a part of  her ministry was a huge honor and one I am most grateful.

The words on the charm, I write. Do I even utter the words or call myself a writer? It has been such a dream for me for so many years. Excuses have hindered me–lack of time, self-doubt, fear of rejection, critics. But the stories and thoughts, they keep unfolding in my heart, in mine alone. And God keeps whispering…write.

And the gift is His.

For His Glory Alone.

Tathel Lackey Miller

Me on bike trail

All photos and blog content, unless otherwise stated are of the writer and photographer, Tathel Lackey Miller and copyrighted.

A heartfelt thank you to my daughter Jill Miller Woodie and gifted photographer for allowing me to share some of her beautiful images on A Beautiful Grace. 


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